Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As a Child, 2

Some call it luck, others grace, but it’s the same. But I know that as long as I believe anything I get must come only from my own efforts, I am limiting myself, identifying with my little self and denying my big Self.

Of course I must actively participate in bringing about the good I desire, but if I let go of the struggle, strain and stress that comes from thinking I must do it alone, then I can have an assist from ‘luck’ and ‘grace.’ I can even work twelve hour days with ease and grace if I watch who I’m doing it with, and stay mindful of my perspective and consciousness. The same task could feel like a spontaneous joy or burdensome drudgery.

“It is my father in heaven who doeth the work,” Jesus said, implying that it was not he who did it. ‘Heaven,’ in my understanding of how Jesus used the Aramaic, was used to signify a place of inner connection, not a geographical place in the sky. So, too, I am a child of ever-present protection, guidance, spirit, and love, in touch with my innocence, playing at work with grace and enthusiasm.

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