Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking at the Jitters Differently

It’s not really what’s going on either inside or outside me, tho I judge it as either good or bad, the problem is the fact that I am judging. The problem is that if I’m judging, then I’m with ego.

What I’m learning to do is catch myself judging and stop as soon as I catch myself. Judging is inevitable and essential as long as I think I’m in the world with ego. By saying, “Oh, there I go again,” I’m acknowledging my inevitable involvement with ego without the judgment and guilt that goes with it, while leaving myself free to interpret whatever the phenomena is with spirit, to love what is, and to see it as a learning experience and an opportunity to shift from ego to spirit.

It’s the interpretation of the phenomena, whether my everyday ego consciousness sees it as good or bad, that causes difficulty and makes the ego’s interpretation of the world real, not the phenomena itself. In fact, seen in that light, each time I do catch myself judging, don’t blame myself and even forgive myself, I’m using my experience as a learning opportunity, and an opportunity to shift. And though judging feels like an incorrect way to live, if I catch myself and forgive, judging then becomes a correct way to live. Each time I catch me or you judging and am able to say, “Oh, there we go again,” without guilt or blame, I undo the guilt and fear that make the ego’s interpretation’s of the world real.

So, I need not judge the phenomena or the world as ‘good’ to love what is, all I need do is catch myself judging, forgive myself, and ask spirit for a different interpretation. It is in the forgiveness that the love of spirit is found. It is the experience of forgiveness and love that is itself the different interpretation.

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