Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As a Child

I was playing with my niece, almost two, and my nephew, four. What intelligence, enthusiasm, energy and trust! They played like they knew they couldn’t be hurt and when they were hurt, they got up and went right back at it. They had no doubt that they were nurtured, guided, supported and loved, and they were.

I want to remember this when I’m worrying, being too cautious and fearful; when I think I’m working, not playing. I want to remember that I too, am a child, a child of the Most High. I want to remember that as a child of spirit, when I can let go of my seeming burdens and trust, as children do, I too can play and recapture my lost innocence, enthusiasm, energy and trust.

It begins by releasing the idea that I must do it all, alone. As children don’t think twice about allowing their parents to help out and take care of them, I too want to allow the universe to help out and take care of me. When I do, things flow better.

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