Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mental Equivalents

At some level, despite what may be happening on the surface of our lives, we always know who we are.  At some level, we never forget our divine identity, our immersion in the nature of spirit, the immense power within. Practices like compassion and kindness for ourselves and others; pausing to be grateful and sensing the benign patterns in nature; letting go and letting god, accepting grace, and catching the universe working for our good help us awaken to our true nature, to remember what we know, who we and everyone is, and dwell there more often.

Surrender to this inner knowing and awakening, is not about weakness but about having the strength to get egos - our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits and let go of attachments to the surface things of our lives.  Surrendering, we become free of all thought and self-reference.  We surrender to the moment, right now and fall into the depths of being.  We recognize the truth of our being, that we are already complete and that whatever may seem incomplete or out of place in our lives and in the world is the result of our own limited view of things.

The creative energy that is God, from which all is made, responds to our thought, to the mental equivalents – the molds we pour our thought and feelings into.  If we are experiencing fear, loss, lack and limitation, we are using our egos as a mental equivalent, producing limitation, smallness and lack, when it is the mental equivalent of spirit, the limitless, abundant and benign spirit, that we want to be using.

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