Monday, April 23, 2012


Most of history’s great charismatic leaders who started movements that enacted change were young, in their 20’s and 30’s.  Today, young leaders will have to cultivate alliances and share leadership among diverse economic, social and racial groups with class becoming an important topic in the equality equation.  Young leaders will be ‘sophisticated,’ meaning they will not pander to their own natural constituency - their base, but will diversify their reach, dealing with more complex and nuanced issues than in the past, using social media. 

Dialogue, rather than diatribe will be their strength.  Compromise will not be a dirty word or a betrayal.  Common ground for the good of all, irregardless of age, race, sex and ideology will be valued.  Creativity, innovation and thinking out of the box will be sought, even from France.  Labeling, profiling and blaming will be properly regarded as useless blocks that waste time and energy and keep people from the common ground and the good of all.  Hidden agendas for special interests that undercut the common ground and the good of all will be shunned.

We can have leaders that embody these qualities right now, we don’t have to wait for anyone or anything.  Most people want leaders with these qualities.  We simply have to demand them and vote for them.  Vote for people that embody these qualities, not anger, fear and blame.  This is still a democracy.  Let’s get clear about what we want, and what we know will work, and vote for it.

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