Monday, April 30, 2012

Reality and reality III

One of the great things about the experience of being in Reality is the trust and quiet calm that comes from that trust.  I can trust Reality precisely because it is not me, not my self, my small, ego self, but my Self.  Reality, my Self, is kinder, gentler, wiser and more loving than I am.  I, as an ego, am small, confused, scared, ignorant and mean. I as my Self am not. As my Self, I can know all that I need to know, when I need to know it. I don’t have to plan and prepare.  I can live in the present moment, without guilt over the past or fear of the future.  Reality, my Self, simply is.  It has nothing to prove and nothing to do. It doesn’t struggle as my self does.  God how I love being with It and being that way!

I can trust Reality, rely on It and enjoy It, precisely because it is not me, but Me.  How wonderful to get away from me, to let go, open to new ideas and creative vistas and to simply trust. That’s what Reality is, a vacation.  We know, deep down, and all our greatest metaphysicians from Jesus to MLK have told us, that we are more than we think we are. We know this!  And have experienced it as the intuitive, direct knowing of the immediacy of our Source, as our oneness with It and our identity as It.  This is me, too, the Real Me, so very kind, different and loving than the everyday me.

So it’s a paradox.  I can trust, rely upon and enjoy Reality precisely because it is not me, but is Me.

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