Thursday, August 2, 2012

At-one-ment and the Current Republican Brand

The Atonement and forgiveness help me see things differently and know that there is nothing to fear, because there is no projection of guilt that demands attack and defense. The Atonement and forgiveness remind me of the innocence and oneness, the sinlessness, we all share as spiritual beings.

I find peace, safety, love, and happiness, not through the world changing or my manipulating others to meet my special, ego needs, but rather by changing my mind’s thought system and teacher, shifting from the ego’s endless nightmare to spirit’s eternal bliss. This means that all I have to do each time I become aware of the fear, anger and pain is accept the Atonement for myself. In other words, when the harsh, evil, horrifying movie of the world gets to me, goes out of focus, instead of going up to the screen to change the focus—trying to make the world better, I go to the projection booth in my mind and ask to see things differently.

“All I need do is undo what my ego has taught me.  I need do nothing of myself, for I need but accept my Self, my sinlessness, created for me, now already mine.” The sinless innocents that we truly are, are safe because they live from their spiritual reality and project nothing. “Nothing they see (such as the current Republican brand) is harmful, for their awareness of the truth releases everything (such as the current Republican brand) from the illusion of (sin) and harmfulness. And what seemed harmful (such as the current Republican brand) now stands shining in (its) innocence, released from sin and fear and happily returned to love.”

We “are asked to live so as to demonstrate (we) are not egos;” to realize we did not sin but merely made a mistake. “Though we perceive, think, and understand incorrectly, there is (a power) within that knows the truth.” We need do nothing but release the ego and embrace this power each time we feel the fear...and vote Democratic!

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