Monday, August 13, 2012

We're # 120!!

According to the 7/30 issue of the Christian Science Monitor Weekly, which is as close to an objective source of news and info one can find now-a-days, only one third of Americans can name all three branches of government, and another third cannot name any!  Wow!  Also, only 28% of 12th graders scored proficient or advanced on the National Assessment for Educational Progress civics exam. Additionally, the ‘we’re # 1’ ‘exceptional’ USA ranks 120th out of 169 democracies in voter turnout; and these trends are accelerating.

Does this bode well for ‘government of the people and by the people?’

Who tends to benefit from this ignorance and deterioration of American civic competence and culture? Who’s trying to suppress the vote in the name of preventing non-existent voter fraud? Need I say it?  The current Republican brand.

An exaggeration? Possibly. But no matter who may benefit from these trends in the short run, we all lose in the long run if these trends continue.  So what are we, gonna do about it?  What are ‘we’, collectively and individually going to do to reverse these trends?  Think about it, and whatever you can do, please do it before it’s too late. Even if you only think about things differently, about yourself, your prejudices and the role of government, and think more often with spirit than with ego, that will matter, that will make a difference…that will matter a great deal.

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