Friday, August 3, 2012

Self and self

Yesterday’s post said, “each time”—each time we feel the fear, feel separated from our Source, we need do nothing but release the ego and embrace our inner power. Each time—we are never done, it is never over, it is a process--we are always needing to be mindful, self aware and Self aware. 

The Self is our Source, the power within that knows the truth, knows our true identity as spiritual beings having earthly experiences. The self is the ego self, the identity we identify with most of the time, the self we think we are that perceives, thinks and understands incorrectly.  The process of living well involves monitoring ourselves, to be mindful and aware of which self/Self we’re identifying with, and if it’s the self, we want to ask the Self for help shifting to It from the self.

When we’re with our Self we’re not projecting, and when we’re not projecting, we’re not creating any illusions to be afraid of or worry about. So, knowing what we perceive outside us is a projection, an illusory experience that we give meaning to, we want to acknowledge our perceptions; after all we can’t go and play in the traffic. But then, as yesterday’s post said, we want to “live so as to demonstrate (we) are not egos.” To demonstrate we are spiritual beings having earthly experiences and to deal with our perceptions from that place: the centered, inner place of compassion, peace, joy, creativity and inclusion. Then, from there, make our own unique contributions to a world that works for everyone and everything.

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