Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minds Are Joined

“Forgiveness let’s me know that minds are joined,” the Course says—minds, not bodies! This is so cool—minds, not bodies! The metaphysics here is beautiful and empowering—minds, not bodies! Metaphysics—the higher order abstraction, the Laws governing the energy everything is made of. The Course’s metaphysics holds that only the mind is real, only the ephemeral invisible energy we all share is real, and that what we think and feel with that mind is what manifests in the world.

Only the one mind is real and the world, as real as it seems, is an illusory creation of our individual ego use of that one mind. The world is a consensus reality, a reality created by the agreement and consent of all the individual egos using the one mind.

Forgiveness, asking spirit for help in shifting our perception of the world from ego to spirit, returns us to the real world—the experience of peace, joy, and compassion. From the place of forgiveness, letting go of sin, guilt, fear, and blame, we are able to see that the so-called ‘sinners’, guilty and fearful ones, and those worthy of blame and punishment, are human beings—spiritual beings have earthly experiences, same as we are, sharing the need let go of the ego nightmare and return home to spirit as we all do.

Forgiveness let’s me know that minds are joined. By first accepting the Atonement—at-one-ment, for myself, by forgiving the ego illusions of sin, guilt, fear and blame—all designed to keep me busy in the world and distracted from my reality as spirit, I return to the mind that originated and projected the ego. I can then look within at the mind’s wrong-minded decision for the ego, recognize my mistaken choice and choose correctly, returning home to the love, peace, joy and compassion already in our hearts, to our shared reality as spirit. I can end the ego nightmare right now, by asking to see things differently, with spirit, and choosing again – each time the pain arises. Minds are joined; forgiveness let’s me know that.

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