Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Choosing Again

“The law of love,” Ken Wapnick of the Course says, “is universal, holding for everyone; (and) the at-one-ment principle (letting go of the ego’s separation and claiming our reality as spirit) is universal, holding for everyone;” even for those who reject it, like those who support the current Republican brand. “Yet the specific ways in which we practice the at-one-ment will differ for each of us.”

“Since we wrote the scripts of our special (ego) relationships,” Ken Wapnick of the Course says, “and these differ from the scripts of others, our experiences of undoing the ego (forgiving, accepting the miracle and our reality as spirit first—seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven then working in the world) will also differ. We will experience the correction (the miracle) in the forms we need,” in the forms unique to us as the individuals we think we are.  “The underlying principle is always the same (for everyone) however—the mind has dreamt the dream, and therefore it is the mind alone that can change it.

“Our only need here (in the world, the ego’s nightmare reality) is forgiveness or the miracle.” The miracle reminds me that as the decision maker in my mind chose the ego’s nothing, now in light of the miracle’s reflection of the Everything, I can chose anew. “In the end, making the right choice is inevitable (for) ‘Who with the Love of God upholding him could find the choice of miracles or murder hard to make?’”

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