Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Universal Experience of Love

My intention is to have experiences of spirit more often; to allow these to undo my ego’s sense of separation, alienation and specialness.  Beliefs about how to do this vary, and so it’s not possible to have a universal belief system. Yet such differences are meaningless, for all can serve the single purpose of moving us beyond the form to the universal experience of love.


I don’t have to agree with everyone and can’t. But I can experience differences as an opportunity to learn, to see the ego world as a classroom in which to learn that though we may differ on the level of form, our content—either an expression of love or a call for love, remains the same. Form is irrelevant, content is all.


Many religions seem to have forgotten this, substituting the rituals of love for the experience of love. Love alone is constant. Once put into form, theology or belief, uncertainty is introduced because not everyone will agree. Brains differ, but the mind is one—both the wrong minded ego—the call for love, and the right mind of spirit—an expression of love. That’s why the experience of spirit’s love is so important. A universal theology is impossible but a unitary experience of spirit is not.

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