Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The past was reality. But it does not remain reality.


The past is only real and with us now, in the present, because we choose to make it real. Now is all there is, the only time there is.


If now we choose to remember the past and choose to believe we are the products of our upbringing, then we are giving our power away and not being responsible. And how accurately do we remember the past? Are we remembering everything about a particular situation that is important to us, or only some things? If we selectively perceive the present, paying attention to some things and not others, how much more do we selectively perceive the past?


Don’t believe now is the only time there is?  Try breathing for five minutes ago…or five minutes into the future.


It is in this moment we choose, only this moment.


The ego would have you believe that if you are unhappy now, it is not because of a decision you are making, now. No, not at all. You didn’t ask for this. You are simply the innocent victim of the past. And even if you did do some terrible thing in the past and it cannot be undone, or some terrible thing happened to you and it cannot be undone, now is still the only time you can make amends or forgive yourself and others.


Now is all the time there is, the only time that matters. Try breathing for five minutes ago…or for five minutes into the future….

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