Friday, December 21, 2012

Taking Things Less Seriously

Taking things less seriously, doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do care deeply about politics, justice, inclusion, environment and contributing to a world that works for everyone and everything. Taking things less seriously simply means not only do I understand how my ego works, but I understand how to get past it and move forward. It means it’s not up to me fix the world, know all the answers and to be right most of the time. Whew! What a relief! It means all I need do is give my fear, concerns, blaming and sense of urgency over to spirit and go forward with spirit’s guidance. My fear, sense of urgency and concern are ego, made to keep from spirit. As long as I cling to the fear, danger, blaming and sense of loss and doom, I am cut off from spirit and Its guidance.


All I need do first is to bring my illusory perceptions of what’s going on in, around and through me—be that cancer, global warming or the so-called fiscal cliff to the decision maker within and choose spirit over ego. Choosing the content of spirit: peace, joy, compassion, fearlessness, creativity and inclusion first, having the intention to manifest this in the world, rather than the ego’s various forms as anger, fear, competition, blame and guilt is what taking things less seriously is about.


The only work I must do is bring the ego to spirit. After all, can I really be responsible for decisions about which I know so little? Spirit knows…like the Shadow knows…. We judge what we know nothing about, and are thus always wrong. Our limited egos can never understand the meaning of things or even what is in our own best interests, let alone the whole world’s. To try and judge, which we do constantly second after second, is the height of arrogance. Yet this is exactly the ego’s plan, which we follow slavishly, to have us think we know and understand.


Taking things less seriously, pausing and shifting to the inner decision maker is spirit’s plan and it works better.

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