Thursday, December 20, 2012


Understanding and reframing the ego’s panic—thinking about it differently, helps me be kind and gentle with it as I continue the process of shifting away from it towards spirit. Thinking about the shift process as a birth and the ego as an expectant mother who knows nothing about birth, helps me be kinder and gentler with it.


If I was a mother going into delivery and had never heard of birth, I might think I was dying. If I didn’t know the baby would grow up, it would be very difficult to care of it. The ego is the expectant mother that doesn’t know about birth and evolution of its child. Of course it’s going to panic! But I, the decision maker, know and I can inform and comfort my ego as I continue to shift away from it and choose spirit. Of course the birth and awakening of spirit is scary, messy and dangerous…to the ego. But not to us. Knowing of the peace, joy, compassion and creativity that is mine as spirit, makes it easier to be compassionate with the ego’s fear and panic and to soothe and love it each time I experience it.

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