Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flowers and Bees

“So,” Devorah repeated, “don’t rush it or judge yourself and allow each thought to be an opportunity. This is a difficult process with much uncertainty while we identify with the ego. ‘Allowing’ means letting the ego and its way of thinking go, so spirit’s way can emerge. Doing this feels wrong, risky and dangerous. But we have to go through it and know that the ego speaks first and is always wrong. Besides,” Devorah said, grimacing, “uncertainty won’t kill you. It’s uncomfortable, but a necessary part of the process of shifting from ego to spirit.

“For example, I no longer know which thoughts I have and which thoughts have me. The thoughts that have me are the ones I want to question; the obvious self evident ones. The thoughts that shake me up, that make me re-think are the thoughts I want to encourage.

“Consider the flower,” Devorah smiled. “It pours out its fragrance to attract a bee to pollinate it and spread its seed. The flower has no wings but the bee does. The bee has no nectar but the flower does. There would be no flowers without bees and no bees without the nectar of flowers. Can you truly say the nectar belongs to the flower, or that the wings belong to the bee? Were they not made for each other? If it were not for the appearance of separate bodies, wouldn’t you see them as one?”


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