Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Humility is Smart

Devorah continued, “Humility isn’t a ‘nice’ thing you do, to please your parents or God or show what a good person you are. Being humble is a practical useful thing intelligent people do to find peace, be successful and seize opportunities. Think about it – the world is a complicated place, zillions of variables. Even in your own small life, zillions of variables. What should you do now, five minutes from now? Which variables should you manipulate, which first, second? The one power that is these variables, in and through them as it is in and through you, knows. It alone knows. Being humble and accepting how small and relatively powerless your self is and allowing yourSelf to guide you, is not ‘nice,’ it’s smart. Having humility, letting go and letting God, is the intelligent thing to do.”



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