Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Views of Reality

“The Covenant, the other, non-traditional way of looking at things, teaches that God did not create the world, we did.” Malachizer shook his head and grumbles of “blasphemy” shivered around the crowd. But most of the people were receptive and wanted to hear more. After all, Devorah was a good person, an effective Judge, and an excellent prophet so there had to be something to what she was saying.
“In a single instant, long ago past, the ego – an ‘idle’ thought that we were separate from God - wandered into our minds. Instead of ignoring that thought and laughing at the ridiculous idea that such a thing could be possible, we took the idea seriously. We thus became separate bodies in a world of separate things. But our minds, not our brains, but our minds, which share reality with God, remain with God.


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