Monday, November 18, 2013

Form Follows Thinking

Devorah smiled. “When I’m able to remember that all thinking produces form at some level - internal and/or external, I’m better able take responsibility for my thinking and my experience of the world. Form follows thought because the ‘thinking’ I normally do is with the ego in my brain and not with spirit which is in my mind. Since mind is spirit, mySelf, outside of time and space, I know that if I’m ‘thinking’ I’m identifying with ego and creating form. The goal of my spiritual practice is to realize this and that form is irrelevant except as feedback about which of the two realities I’m identifying with – myself or mySelf, ego or spirit.

 “It also helps to remember that I am never alone, that I do not have to shift from brain to mind on my own. That I merely have to be willing to do this to claim my atonement with spirit, for it is spirit Itself that doeth the work.


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