Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tone of Voice

“When I pause and go within for guidance,” Barak asked, “how do I know it’s the still small voice – mySelf – I’m hearing instead of the ego?”

Devorah smiled. “The tone, my general,” she said. “What is the tone? Is it loud, strident and demanding, or soft, calming and soothing? Does it come from your head or heart? Does it make you feel smart, brilliant and in control, or comforted, peaceful and grateful? Is the advice good for all concerned or will some people and things be harmed or punished? Are you concerned that you not embarrass yourself and be right, or have faith and trust, going forward in spite of your doubt and fear? In other words, are you proud or humble?  Are you letting go and letting yourSelf do it, or are you holding on and struggling?”


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