Friday, February 14, 2014

Both/and Thinking

“I’m a big believer in ‘both/and’ thinking instead of ‘either/or’ thinking,” Devorah said. “Of including, tolerating, and accepting instead of excluding, judging and blaming. The fear, hatred and competitiveness we experience (even within ourselves) are the fruits of ‘either/or’ thinking. Our experience of living would be different and better if we used more ‘both/and’ thinking.

“And yet, ‘either/or’ is essential in one crucial respect. We must decide whether we’re spirit or ego. We can’t be both. They are mutually exclusive states. We and everyone and everything else is either spirit or ego. It seems as if we can be both and our experience vacillates between both because we haven’t made the tough decision about what our fundamental nature is.

“Both/and thinking, inclusion, tolerance, peace and joy flow from a decision to identify with our Self, with spirit. Either/or thinking, exclusion, intolerance, hate, fear, and ‘my way or the highway thinking’ flow from identifying with the ego self.

“Unfortunately when you look around at the wars, pain, suffering, exclusion, hate, blame and environmental degradation, it’s clear we’ve chosen to identify with the ego. But that choice is a mistake and can be undone. Each time you’re tempted by ego to hate, blame, fear, worry, judge, punish and exclude, realize that it’s either/or, self or Self and choose Self. Each time. It’s a never ending process because the ego is the world’s default. But, the more you choose spirit, the more spirit becomes the default.

“What are you choosing right now? Think about it. The power is yours to use. You’re not a robot. How are you using your power? How’s that working for you? If it’s a mistake, let it go and choose differently. It’s not as difficult as you think and the results will be amazing!”


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