Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Illusions, part two of three

“It’s difficult to go directly from how we’re thinking now (our everyday ego based reality) to the idea that it’s an illusion, a mere shadow of the greater benign Reality behind it. A first step to moving toward the greater benign Reality is to question what we take to be reality now, and to see our so-called reality as arbitrary, as merely a set of subjective, capricious psycho/social conventions.

“For example, is it true that a certain set of rituals is more pleasing to God than another set; that the ‘chosen’ and ‘God-given’ set of rituals will bring us a better life and keep us from hell; and that those who do not follow the ‘chosen’ and ‘God-given’ rituals will not only be damned but are our sworn enemies determined to convert and destroy us? It this really God’s will, or a set of arbitrary cultural subjective, capricious psycho/social conventions?


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