Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Competition and Pundits

“Most of the commentary on current events from so-called pundits focuses on competition between two sides,” Devorah said, “as if there were only two sides and as if the competition itself were important. The more we focus on competition, the more we all lose. Do we really want to make half of us losers? And will the losers simply forgive and forget? Life is not a football game, no matter how much so many of us wish it were. There is no season, no referee and few rules that apply equally to everyone.

“Take the so-called punditry surrounding us with many grains of salt; be not seduced by the entertainment value of competition. It’s the rising above competition and the search for common ground that is important. We are in desperate need of pundits that will bring us together; who believe there really is common ground, point it out to us and help us reach it.”


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