Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shabby Reality?

“Consider the arbitrary shabbiness of what we have accepted as reality – honor, fame, fortune, glory, guilt, war, fear, cancer, judgment, punishment – when instead we could accept the gifts of Spirit – the peace that passeth understanding, perpetual never ending blessings, eternal love and oneness with all that is,” Devorah said.

“We have chosen graven images, earthly idols that we ourselves have made, in place of ourSelves, what we could never make, but nonetheless are.  Please let go of the shabby substitutes given by the ego! Experience them as the arbitrary worthless idols they are. Let go of your grievances against yourself and others. You are as God created you! Fear not that you will lose yourself and disappear into nothingness. Go through this fear and terror and acknowledge your Identity, and you will indeed disappear, but into your Self, not to be lost, but to be found!”


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