Monday, February 24, 2014

The Ego's Revenge

“Humanity’s greatest spiritual teachers and metaphysicians have told us the world and our experience of it is an illusion,” Devorah said. “That there’s something greater, a greater Reality than our everyday thinking allows us to perceive and we can turn to It, and use It to guide and enlighten us instead of the ego.

“A first step to moving toward the greater benign Reality is to question what we take to be reality now, and to see our so-called reality as arbitrary, as merely a set of subjective, capricious psycho/social conventions. But beware, when we begin doing this, tho the rewards are great, when we violate its arbitrary rules, the ego is threatened, becomes vicious and attacks with a range of things from an itch to cancer, so that we hastily retreat to the safety of our habitual ways.”


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