Thursday, June 24, 2010


“For faith is always given what is treasured, and what is treasured is returned to you.” What is my treasure? What is being returned to me? What am I putting out? It’s scary to think how often I condemn when I might forgive, censure when I might praise and thereby reduce the possibilities of my own experience. The Universe is infinite, holding much more than we humans can experience. Dogs hear more, cats see more; microscopes and telescopes expand the capacities our limited sensory equipment. Yet I know, as perhaps you do too, that there is still much more out of reach. Even at the most mundane level, I still cannot count the grains of sand on the shore, leaves on trees, or blades of grass. There is amazing abundance! Celeste Frazier says it takes ten billion snowflakes to make a snow man.

But we ignore this abundance and take it for granted. Because our treasure centers on our narrow self interest, what we can experience directly with our limited senses, which tends to focus us on a limited, non-infinite universe, we think we hear scarcity and competition when, in fact, the call from the universe and spirit is to be more. The “uncomfortable squirming” we feel, Celeste Frazier says, is not because there is not enough, the universe and spirit are infinite and abundant, but because spirit is seeking to break free through us. Spirit Itself is compelling us to expand. God is moving through each of us, but unless we are attuned, open and forgiving, with our egos and bloated nothingness out of the way, we will not allow God to be fulfilled through us. It is for me and you to allow God. That’s quite a shift. But try it and see. Act as if your are a unique way that God is expressing, and there is more to be revealed through you.

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