Monday, June 7, 2010

More Real world

“You will first dream of peace, and then awaken to it. Your first exchange of what you [the ego] made for what you want is the exchange of nightmares for the happy dreams of love. In these lie your true perceptions, for the Holy Spirit corrects the world of dreams, where all perception is. Knowledge [which is different and ‘realer’ than perception and comes from the truth of who we are, the experience of our oneness with God] needs no corrections. Yet the dreams of love lead unto knowledge. In them you see nothing fearful, because of this they are the welcome that you offer knowledge. [Love in this world is also a dream, but one that can lead to knowledge of reality.] Love waits on welcome, not on time….” That is sooo important! Love comes when we welcome it, not when enough time has past – when we’re older and wiser; and we can welcome it, anytime. It is our choice.

“The real world is but your welcome of what always was. Therefore the call of joy is in it, and your glad response is your awakening to what you have not lost.

“Praise, then, the Father for the perfect sanity of His most holy Son [you and all humanity]. Your Father knoweth that you have need of nothing [that you are in perfect peace, asleep with him in Heaven, dreaming you are here]. In Heaven this is so, for what could you need in eternity? In your world you do need things. It is a world of scarcity in which you find yourself because you are lacking. Yet can you find yourself in such a world? [without the Holy Spirit, yes; but we are never without the Holy Spirit; like love, It merely waits upon our welcome]

“As mediator between the two worlds, He knows what you have need of and what will not hurt you. Ownership is a dangerous concept if it is left to you [and the ego]. The ego wants to have things for salvation, for possession is its law. Possession for its own sake is the ego’s fundamental creed, a basic cornerstone in the churches it builds to itself. And at its altar it demands you lay all of the things it bids you get, leaving you no joy in them.

“Everything the ego tells you that you need, will hurt you.”

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