Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Social Darwinism - Part I - The Rant

Isn’t it interesting that many of those who deny that evolution is real, is more than a theory but a scientific fact that, still accept Social Darwinism as a fact? It’s been reported that only 37% of Americans believe in Evolution. Half of those probably still believe the earth is flat. God, does this burn me!

All of America’s advantages and so-called greatness and being so called #1, and only 37% believe in Evolution! To me, that is a shame! Is it any wonder we’re slipping into third world status - # 37 in education, #54 in energy efficiency, #1 in prison population, #17 in pollution, #2 in executions, #1 in gun ownership?

No doubt, this majority of unbelievers are the same people who after eight years of Republican rule now blame Obama – who’s been in power for less than two years, for the deficits and the mess the country’s in. Let’s see what eight more years of Republican control of all three branches of government will do for us! These are the people so good at ignoring facts that they chose not to know that Clinton left a budget surplus and Bush left us a huge deficit, the financial crisis and two useless and un-winnable wars. Clinton only fucked Monica Lewinski, Bush and his supporters fucked us all.

Anyhow, Social Darwinism, the idea of survival of the fittest, that nice guys finish last, dog eat dog, eat or be eaten, is gospel with most of us, but especially with the people who don’t believe in Evolution. They’re quoting, and living by ideas rooted in evolutionary theory, while denying Evolution itself. How dumb, how stupid, how real, how totally maddeningly real. Even so-called liberals in the so-called liberal media – owned and run almost exclusively for profit without much thought for humanity or community, by the likes of greedy, selfish billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, are under the sway of the cachet of the cutthroat – the idea that there’s too much coddling going on, that as Scrooge said let them die and be done with it, that institutionalized harshness generates a more productive, adaptive, and wealthy society, that liberalism is idealistic nonsense.

Well, the idea of survival of the fittest and the cachet of the cutthroat are not even Darwin’s. They are Herbert Spencer’s. He coined the phrase, “survival of the fittest” in 1864, and it has been used ever since to justify the worst abuses of capitalism: child labor, substandard wages, union busting, monopolies, no regulation of any kind, caveat emptor – buyer beware. If you thought all these rights of capital were tamed, look around you, they’re back, every one of them, bigger than ever.

Modern robber barons followed by an army of subservient media, politicians, lawyers, chambers of commerce, professional associations, educators and religious leaders use this so-called Social Darwinism that Darwin never intended, to grow rich and fat or sadly, to just barely hold their own, by sucking the life out of everyone else, especially the poor who Jesus said you will have with you always, tho he meant the poor in spirit, the poorest in spirit being the blood suckers and their sycophants.

Look around, under stress the social Darwinist economic model has delivered the worst of all worlds, a system lacking in compassion during a crisis as schools, health care and social service are the first to be cut, yet unable to deliver the resilient wealth creation it promised.

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