Friday, September 30, 2011

Metaphysical Tools and Criteria, 2

After I published yesterday’s post, I realized that the ego has a ‘metaphysics’, too. Needless to say, the ego’s metaphysics are not the metaphysics I was referring to.
The ego’s metaphysics come from the ego’s version of God. The ego God is more like Zeus and the other anthropomorphic – made in the image of man – gods and goddesses of ancient times, than the mystical one god of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. The ego god is not unconditionally loving, its love has to be earned. The ego’s god is arbitrary, capricious and hypocritical, expecting one thing of us, but living by an entirely different standard for itself. The ego’s version of god punishes severely and for eternity. The ego’s god keeps score and may or may not inscribe us in the book of life for another day, much less another year. We are taught that the ego’s version of god is a jealous god and we are to fear it and its wrath.

All of this bespeaks a harsh, desert god, more angry and terrible than loving and forgiving. Naturally, the metaphysics of this ‘god’ are also angry and terrible focusing on exclusivity (only the chosen and true believers are rewarded), obedience to its dogma, terror of eternal damnation, and punishment. These are not the metaphysics of a god of love, nor are they the metaphysics I was speaking of yesterday. They are the metaphysics of the ego’s illusory world and its illusory god; the metaphysics of separation and duality, not the metaphysics of oneness and unity.

Awakening to our spiritual reality, means being mindful of how often we slip into believing in the ego’s version of god and using its metaphysics, instead of the metaphysics I wrote about yesterday - the metaphysical tools and criteria of the transcendent, transpartisan, unconditionally loving God that is our true Self.

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