Friday, September 23, 2011

Not a God Who Was, But a God Who Is, 3

What we take to be real, are only temporary conditions and what we take to be mere thought and philosophy, is real. What goes on in our minds - our habitual attitudes, feelings, aspirations and beliefs about what’s possible, are bottom line reality to us. Tho the consciousness of the human race - the belief in duality and the ego, dominate us, the attributes of spirit - peace, prosperity, compassion and cooperation are our natural inclination. And if we let them, our natural inclinations can emerge and change conditions.

Perhaps people in ancient times were more believing or more gullible, because Bible stories are full of the power of spirit to overcome conditions. Moses feeding the Israelites with manna, and striking the stone and bringing forth water; Jesus and the loaves and fishes; Elijah providing the widow with all the grain and oil she needed. The common theme running through these accounts is spirit’s ability to transcend material limitations.

This shows we are not slaves to our habits or political or economic systems but masters of all situations and systems through our oneness with spirit - the power we share with spirit. Spirit knows nothing of lack, difficulty, procrastination or confusion. Those are aspects of the ego, the separated, dual self. Spirit is our real Self and precludes anything that doesn’t express abundance and order.

Intelligence, wisdom, compassion and understanding are our true Self, the facts of our reality as spirit. If we allow it and get our bloated nothingness out of the way, spirit will adjust our human conditions to conform to the divine. In obedience to the divine nature, human conditions can come to reflect the divine law and order of reality, not the illusions of the ego. Spirit is continuously unfolding in our consciousness through peace, prosperity, compassion and cooperation, if we allow It to.

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