Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not a God Who Was, But a God Who Is, 2

Not a God who was, but a God who is!
I have moments when I know without a doubt that this is true. I experience the grace, calm, exhilaration, and joy that comes from knowing I am, as everyone is, one with all that is, and that all things – peace, prosperity, compassion and cooperation - are possible, even between Israelis and Palestinians, Dems and Rs - with spirit.

I have more of these moments and they last longer, the more mindful I am, the more I allow them and get my bloated nothingness out of their way. This is work, taking time and effort from the ego’s illusory world of busy doing, to pause, reflect, meditate, exercise out of doors, pray - constantly give it over to spirit for Its wisdom to guide me.

It’s a process; patience is required. It’s not like those old biblical film epics where suddenly the characters are enlightened and stay enlightened. It hasn’t worked that way for me and I suspect it doesn’t work that way for most of us. But the more we want it, work at it, and believe in it, the more It manifests in our lives. This is not wishful thinking, this is the truth, what I experience more and more each day, every hour and every minute. This is a fact. Do it, want it, believe in it and see if your experience doesn’t make it true for you, too!

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