Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Joan Blades, Co-founder of MoveOn.org said, “Listen to the media or our leaders and too often is feels as if we’re a deeply divided country. Yet we have vastly more in common than that which separates us. It is time for us to recognize our deep well of common interest and work together with respect and intelligence for our common good.”

The Course in Miracles agrees. Spirit teaches that you and I are not different in any but the most superficial ways. We share the same essence, need, purpose, and goal, which is to get our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits and experience our ‘at-one-ment’ with spirit and one another. Our differences exist on the level of form only, part of the ego’s plan to convince us that the separation is real and that the at-one-ment is an illusion.

Working together to achieve a transpartisan vision of America, not a bi-partisan vision, but a vision that transcends partisanship and special interests, one that works for everyone and everything, it’s clear that emphasizing our shared reality and at-one-ment with spirit is more vital than emphasizing appearances and form. We come to know our common content, goal and purpose by learning to forgive our differences of form.

Being one with spirit does not mean denying the body, but rather denying the ego’s interpretation of the body. Only a few have managed to see only spirit and not the body. The rest of us have no problem seeing the body without help, but need help understanding how to behold a world apart from it. With God’s help, with forgiveness - the reflection of spirit’s oneness here, in our dualistic world - we are able to get our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits, and see another world - a vision of transpartisan success, that our partisan eyes could never find.

With forgiveness, it’s possible to see the body, its needs and special interests, but not give it the power it had in the past; to see it as more than the source of pleasure or pain, but also as an expression of my thinking, either with spirit or ego. Doing that, I take responsibility for who I’m thinking with. I don’t blame you, or the world, or my parents, or the other party. I don’t blame myself, either. I simply take responsibility and seek to manage myself, which after all, is all I can really do.

“If you but recognized how little stands between you and your awareness of your union with your brother!” The Course in Miracles says. “Be not deceived by the illusions [the body] presents of size and thickness, weight, solidity and firmness of foundation. Yes, to the body’s eyes it looks like an enormous solid body, immovable as a mountain. Yet within you is a Force that no illusions can resist. This body only seems to be immovable; this Force is irresistible in truth. What, then, must happen when they come together? Can the illusion of immovability be long defended as it is quietly passed through and gone beyond?” Move on.

We are all here, trapped in a world of worsening partisanship, because we believed the ego’s lies, and now, no matter the appearances, all of us desperately want to awaken to the truth. Transpartisanship is our common goal and purpose, and forgiveness allows us to achieve it and move on.

Forgiveness is learned by forgiving --- ourselves and others. Whenever we are not forgiving, hold grievances, blame, become upset, or think salvation comes from outside, we’re saying we don’t want to learn or move on. We’re saying the ego is all there is; that we are our bloated nothingness – our individuality and specialness. We deny that those things are mere form, and that all of us are spiritual beings first, at home asleep with God, dreaming we are having a partisan earthly experience.

Our common reality rises above partisanship. Awakening from the ego’s illusion, we realize that nothing in the ego world, no partisan political victory, will make us happier than our awareness of our spiritual reality, that everyone and everything shares this reality and longs for it, and that as we forgive, get our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits, and learn to see our essential needs as not separate from anyone else’s, we are able to come together and contribute to a transpartisan world that works for everyone and everything.

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