Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not a God Who Was, But a God Who Is

A balance between inner and outer, spirit and matter, reality and illusion is more important now, than it ever has been. Here’s why. The so-called news is everywhere, 24/7 and is always bad. There’s an urgency of emergency dominating our thought and wearing us out. Anxiety and depression are the most common diseases. The world can’t be tuned out. All we can do is try and stay in balance with a slight tilt to the inner, spiritual side. Looking to the news and the experts, will not provide what we need.

Barry Ebert in last month’s SOM magazine, points out that Ralph Waldo Emerson, who launched the transcendental movement with his essay Nature in 1836, thought that a walk in the woods [or along the beach] was not only a way to balance our sources of input but to tilt toward spirit and the inner.

Emerson thought the same spirit that created and lived in the natural world lived in every human being and could be accessed by everyone, no matter what, at any time. Emerson said this was “not a God who was, but a God who is.” I love it! “Not a God who was, but a God who is….” Available right here and now, to the best and the worst of us. Perhaps it’s easier to access this God in the woods or on the beach, but really, It’s reaching out to us, now, wherever we are, all we have to do is relax and breath into It.

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