Friday, October 14, 2011

Forgiving, 3

Forgiveness works both ways, too. When I forgive, I am forgiven. All of us share the exact same need for what forgiveness brings: freedom from the ego and the realization of our reality as spiritual beings having earthly experiences. Of course, the forgiveness we’re talking about is not the, ‘bring the guilty bastard in so I can forgive him’ kind. It’s the realization of our common needs and our desire to serve them. It’s the realization that what I am seeing now – the guilt, hate, anger and fear, conceal my soul mate from me, the very person or thing that can bring the benefits of true forgiveness to me.

With this kind of forgiveness, I don’t do anything different with my eyes, and don’t deny what they see. I do something different with my mind. I now have the willingness to say I’ve been mistaken in how I’ve been seeing and relating – the blame, grudges and anger, and I now want to see things differently, without all that negative baggage; to learn from mySelf, from spirit, not from myself, the ego.

It’s not the other person’s body that has the power to forgive; another’s body has no more power than mine. It’s the Self we share, the one mind, that has the power and when I forgive truly, I acknowledge that whom and what I forgive are not what they seem or the only reality there is, but share a greater reality, a single Self, beyond the puny individual selves the ego allows us to perceive.

When I forgive truly, I understand that our bodies are like costumes, seeking to hide the reality of spirit that is within everyone and everything. I realize that we all do the same things for the same reasons, and really want love, peace, acceptance, inclusion and joy above all else. Forgiveness is our safe escape from anger, fear and all that we don’t want, and our gateway to love, joy and all that we do want. Be mindful, and the moment you are tempted to judge, hold a grudge, hate, exclude, punish and be angry, forgive both yourself and the other.

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