Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The metaphysics I’ve been working with and sharing with you, say that only the non-specific, formless love that comes from identifying with our own formless love, the oneness we share with spirit, is real. Everything else is illusion.
Identifying with our own formless love, and the oneness we share with spirit means we don’t deny our bodies or experience, tho they are form and are specific, but realize instead, that everyone and everything tho appearing to be part of the ego’s illusion, is actually neutral, and can be used by spirit or the ego. It’s our choice.

Used by spirit, everyone and everything can reveal and reflect the reality of the formless, non-specific love and oneness we share with spirit. Used by ego, everyone and everything serves to make our separation from spirit and our sense of form and specifics real(er). It’s our choice.

Spirit is formless, the space between the thoughts, because thoughts, being specific tho ethereal in form, not only deny our formless, non-specific reality, they add to it. “All thinking produces form on some level.”

Again, no sense feeling guilty about thinking, form and specifics, it’s reality in the ego world. What we can do however instead of feeling guilty is to forgive everyone and everything. After all, knowing that the world is an illusion, how can we justify making meaningful distinctions here? In truth, everyone and everything is part of the one life, as am I. Forgiving everyone and everything, no matter what [which is extremely hard to do from the ego perspective], says, nothing else is true but the one life everyone and everything shares. Forgiving looks beyond form to the essence that everyone and everything shares.

Forgiving is a choice. What possible difference can there possibly be in seeing differences between what is equally unreal? Our attitude, forgiving or not, toward the forms we perceive, toward everyone and everything, hastens or retards our awakening, our journey home to the life that is our source. Chose to forgive and moveon, don’t forgive and remain in the illusion.

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