Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seeds, 3

I’m most mindful and aware of the seeds I’ve planted and am nurturing at the extremes of my experience in the ego illusion, either very good and enjoyable or very bad and painful. At the ‘good’ points I try to be grateful and to remember the enjoyment is but a reflection of spirit in the world and at the ‘bad, painful’ points I try and remember that negation may be an experience and a fact here in the ego’s illusory world, but it can never be an ultimate truth.

Spirit is all there is, our only reality. Spirit is only good: love, peace, joy, compassion and inclusion. We are spiritual beings dreaming we are having an earthly experience. Everything else is seeming real, illusions created by the ego to keep us believing we are separate from our spiritual Selves. At some point, more often the more we practice mindfulness, we will realize this.

Awakening to my reality as spirit, I can then refuse to contemplate evil as an actual power, knowing that it will dissolve in the light of love – my experience of oneness with spirit. I know that hate cannot exist where love is recognized. I turn the light of love on everything I experience, allowing the light to dissolve every dark and dreary image of sin and evil. Love makes the way clear before me and I am guided into an ever-widening experience of living. Every person I meet and every event I experience partakes of this love and the givingness of spirit. It is this love and givingness that I meet in every person and event, experience as ‘good’, and am mindful of and grateful for. In this light of love, I can know people and events as God knows them.

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