Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Horse Knows the Way

Going within first doesn’t guarantee the condition/situation outside will change. I will probably still have the back ache, the flat tire, the money problems or the cancer – perhaps all of these. What will change tho, is how I feel about the condition/situation, how I interpret it, what it means to me.

Looking with the ego, the condition/situation will probably feel like a punishment, a curse, a sign of worse yet to come. Looking with spirit and understanding that the condition/situation is of the ego’s making, gives me the opportunity to choose to see it differently with spirit, putting me in a neutral, non-judgmental place, not seeing the condition/situation as a punishment, but as an opportunity to learn the truth about myself as a spiritual being first, then ride the horse in the direction its going.

Rarely do any of us get exactly what we want when we want it. One of the many reasons for this is we’re not riding the horse in the direction its going. I often forget there even is a horse to ride and a direction to go in. This is where faith in the horse and its direction are vital.

I have to develop the discipline and persistence to get my bloated nothingness out of the way, knowing that if I am able to do that, the horse knows the way and will take me where I need to go - open me to spirit’s intuition, creativity, compassion and peace in ways I couldn’t dream of from the ego’s perspective and similarly unfolding my light and potential in ways I couldn’t even imagine when I’m with the ego.

Each time I’m dragged down, feeling punished and victimized, sad and painful, it is this I want to have faith in; to see the condition/situation as an opportunity to learn that this out-picturing of spirit’s unseen reality - compassion, intuition, health and well-being - is what I truly want, not a new car, 3D TV or new toy. This sense of connection, belonging and well being is the point of the faith, discipline and persistence, what I really want, and where the horse is taking me.

And I want to remember that this is not only true for me, but for everyone. Undoing the ego nightmare and experiencing the compassion, intuition, health and well-being that are our birthrights, is what we all want. And the horse knows the way. Let’s ride the horse in the direction its going.

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