Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Thing We Can Do

The number one, single most important action you and I can take to save American Democracy, and make a contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything, is to change our own consciousness. So says Dr. Ervin Laszlo president of the Club of Budapest and the Worldshift Community - Taking responsibility for ourselves back from the media and other ‘outside’ influences and “changing our consciousness (from win/lose to win/win) is not an incitement to revolution [tho it is to some rulers of the status quo] but (to) evolution.”

The goal is to get past the horrible, competitive win/lose dynamic that currently dominates our political discourse, not just shifting to a live and let live dynamic – which would be a vast improvement, but to a “live and let us all live well,” dynamic. Political inclusion, not exclusion is the goal. “Unless everyone, wins, everyone will lose.” While not one of us alone can deal effectively and sustainably with the world as it is, all of us together, can. [Google the term ‘crowd sourcing’ for more on this.] Together, tapping into all the human/spiritual resources available, we can understand that “when we look out at a world of problems, we can recognize that we are (also) looking out on a world of solutions (and opportunities).”

Now, this time in American Democracy is such an opportunity, and adopting a new way of thinking can enable us to take advantage of that opportunity. A new way of thinking…not the competitive, winner-take-all, exclusionary way of thinking we’ve been using, but a cooperative, win/win way of thinking - “the knowing as well as the feeling of the vital interdependence and essential oneness of humankind (and the planet).”

It’s time for a dialogue, not a contest or an election, between different belief systems and worldviews in order to co-create and develop effective strategies for responsible, inclusive and sustainable action with both a global and American focus.

“The way to persuade leaders to (change their thinking and) act this way is for small groups (like Moveon) to first be the example to them.” Political systems and government must then change. It begins here, with me and you and Moveon.

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