Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Wizard - Transformational Coaching, 2

Transformational Coaching with the Wizard is a straight forward process. It begins by taking an inventory of your unseen, little used, powers – how love, compassion, gratitude, joy and intuition show up in you. Then, an inventory of your bloated nothingness - how the blocks that keep you from connecting with your unseen powers show up. Next, a plan for neutralizing your bloated nothingness and eliminating the blocks is developed, and implemented. And as your transformation unfolds, celebrations are held and rewards received.

The Wizard will celebrate with you, guide and support you every inch of the way with scheduled weekly calls, brief chats and email contact as needed. The Wizard, Dr. Steve Liebowitz, is able to work with men and woman, old and young, Hispanic, Black and White, lawyers, mechanics, computer geeks, health care aids, students and teachers. Because his training and expertise is the process of connecting with and utilizing the unseen powers, he need not be extremely knowledgeable about his clients’ specific professions and situations.

For example: What do you love, really love? What keeps that love from flowing? What’s one easy thing can you do remove one of the blocks to love’s flow? What support will you need from the Wizard, others and your environment to release that block and keep it released? How would you like to celebrate and reward your success? The Wizard will celebrate with you, guide and support you every inch of the way.

Love, nurture, take care of yourself and let your light shine! No more excuses, BS, or reasons about why you can’t be who you really are, or have what you really love.
Start Transformational Coaching with the Wizard, now, right now!

The first call is a free, no obligation, get acquainted chat to assess your readiness and see if Transformational Coaching with the Wizard is right for you. You need to be ready – readiness is vital!

And Transformational Coaching with the Wizard is guaranteed! If after the first three calls you’re not experiencing a sense of progress, your fee will gladly be refunded. Call: 305-484-0255, now and get started. For more info on coaching, visit, Dr. Steve at:

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