Friday, January 13, 2012

The Law of the Universe

We want to use our will power to choose to go from the inside-out, instead of the outside in, and similarly to know we are human beings, not human doings. We want to use our will power to manage our thoughts and feelings, instead of allowing them to manage us. We want to use our will power to assert that we can choose, consciously, and not just be on auto pilot, navigating by what is past and reacting to random thoughts and feelings. We choose our thoughts and feelings, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. The more conscious we are, the more choice we have and the more we are able to choose our highest and best, instead of our lowest and most loathsome.

The creative power of the universe works through our thoughts and feelings, not in spite of them. What we dwell on, invest ourselves in, think about most, and feel strongest about, be it our highest and best, or our lowest and most loathsome, be it something we’re proud of or something we’re ashamed of, is what manifest in our lives. The creative power of the universe works constantly and never sleeps we are always using it knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously.

Why not use it knowingly and consciously, instead of unknowingly and unconsciously? Why have ‘accidents,’ pain, suffering and loss, when we can have ease, grace, joy and peace? The Law of the universe brings whatever we believe most fervently in. Only our beliefs set limits to what we allow the power to do for us. It’s inside-out first, then outside manifestation. We go as far as we believe we can. The possibilities are limitless and seem almost miraculous and divine, which is how they would seem from the ego perspective.

But the freedom and possibilities are neither miraculous nor divine, they’re just the way the Law works. If we learn to use this Law more knowingly and consciously instead of unknowingly and unconsciously we will have ‘better’ lives. It seems supernatural from the ego perspective, but it is only natural, with the most ‘successful’ among us knowing and using It consciously, mostly for their highest and best, and the rest of us swinging back and forth between our highest and best and our lowest and most loathsome.

This is the same Law Jesus and every great prophet from Moses to MLK used and tried to tell us about. Isn’t it time we took their advise?

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