Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Wizard - Transformational Coaching

The Wizard – Transformational Coaching

Connecting with the unseen powers of love, compassion, gratitude, joy and intuition, can bring changes and transformations that seem almost magical. The Wizard works with people, helping them connect with the unseen, little used powers already within them to change and transform their lives.

Transformational Coaching with the Wizard is inside-out work – the ‘unseen’ powers being unseen because they reside within us; and, like the wind, only their effects can be seen. The unseen inner powers are there in everyone, just waiting to be tapped. The Wizard helps people do the inside-out work of personal transformation. Working with the Wizard and connecting with the unseen inner powers is so potent that the changes that follow seem almost magical. But they’re not.

Everything you need to live the life of your hopes and dreams is already within you. Everything! It’s just a matter of learning to change, transform the way you think and feel. Everything that happens is an opportunity to grow and succeed once you learn to tap into your unseen, little used powers.

Everyone has heard the silly saying about using only 10% of our brains. There’s a grain of truth in that. And only using 10% is also true for our unseen powers. Imagine what you could achieve, feel, enjoy and accomplish if you were able to connect with just a little more of the unseen, little used powers within you. And they’re already there, you don’t have to add a thing! All the love, compassion, gratitude, joy and intuition you’ll ever need is already there, within your heart and mind. No ‘earning’, or proving or struggling required. All you have to do is, as Emerson said, get your bloated nothingness out of the way. And the Wizard, Dr. Steve Liebowitz, can help you do that.

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