Friday, January 6, 2012

One Thing We Can Do, 2

“The way to persuade leaders to (change their thinking and) act this way is for small groups (like Moveon) to first be the example to them.” Political systems and government must then change. It begins here, with me and you and Moveon.

Can we change our thinking? Dare we take a chance? Can we – not them, not the T Party Republicans, decide to move away from win/lose thinking to both/and thinking even though were afraid and can’t clearly see where it will take us and how it will work? After all, we only control ourselves and that just barely + it’s difficult to force some body else to change. So we have to change first.

And speaking of the T Party, consider the Occupy Movement, and look back on history and notice that small groups of committed individuals can shift the consciousness, not only of domestic politics, but of the planet. Evolve your consciousness. Think differently; shift from win/lose to win/win thinking, from the exclusionary either/or to the inclusionary both/and. Perceive that everything is one – that what we do to ourselves we do to another, and that what we do to another, we do to ourselves.

Dr. Laszlo says, and this resonates strongly with me and I hope with you as well, that there are two cardinal sins and one cardinal virtue. “The cardinal sins are convenient complacency and facile skepticism – the sins of the uninformed pessimist. But informed activism (what we’re trying to do here in Moveon) is the cardinal virtue of our day. The type of vision that could solve today’s problems (is) a new level of consciousness (remember, Einstein said you can’t solve the problem at the level of thinking that created it in the first place) a consciousness that inspires and motivates cooperation (not fear, attack and blame). Such a consciousness is a basic precondition of peace, sustainability and enduring prosperity.”

And we can adopt that consciousness right now, as individuals, and support one another through Moveon.

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