Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Being Right All the Time is Exhausting!

Having to be right about everything or most things is exhausting! Controlling the sun and the moon, the media, internet, world hunger, politics, justice, the people at work and in your family (get ready, Thanksgiving is coming!) is difficult.  Oh, you say you leave the sun and the moon to God? Is that because you’re doing such a good job with the other things, especially your family, friends and the people at work?


When we struggle to control the things and people in our lives and to be right who or what are we trying to please? The ego. What are we trying to prove? That my ego, my little ‘s’ self’s limited beliefs, attitudes and understanding of the world, are better than my big ‘S’ Self’s guidance. I’m settling for grandiosity instead of grandeur. I’m accepting a tiny tiny slice of reality instead of an appreciation of the wondrous magnificence of the mystery of life.  I’m limiting mySelf to myself.


Isn’t that sad?  Why settle for a little fenced-off part of Life dominated by fear, guilt and blame when we can experience the wonder, joy and creativity of the inner flow of unlimited unconditional Love?  “You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and your brothers totally without judgment [and the need to control and be right]”—The Course in Miracles.


It’s OK to want to be right and control what you can, especially in your own life. In fact as long as we identify more with ourselves instead of ourSelves, we have an obligation to do so. But we can do so with the awareness that we’re limiting ourSelves, could have wonder, joy and peace instead, and whenever possible, let go of our self’s need to be right, control and judge and let ourSelves guide us to unimaginable wonder, joy and peace.

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