Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now what?


We’ve got to remember that the millions of Americans who voted for Romney are still here. They are not going anywhere. They are not all moving to Canada; tho it would be fine if Sheldon Adelson and the Kochs went. But even Adelson and the Kochs are still Americans, as are the millions that voted for Romney. We need their skills, hearts, minds and compassion. We don’t want to throw people away, deprive, diminish or dismiss them. We want to win them over, need to include them, but not at the cost of diminishing or dismissing the work—climate change, equal rights, immigration reform, greener energy, banking reform, ending the wars without starting any new ones--that must be done.


I have blogged about new process, methods and procedures for building and maintaining a healthier, more inclusive democratic governing consensus. We must learn more about these methods and implement them. Let this be the last BS election! If we always do what we always did, we’ll always get what we always got. Enough of that! Enough of either/or, win/lose thinking! Let’s shift to win/win and both/and. I find it difficult to believe that if we get over the polarization and the process, methods and procedures that sustain it, we won’t be able to meet the challenges we face. We can do it!

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