Monday, November 19, 2012

God as It


“God does not forgive because He has never condemned”—The Course in Miracles


And ‘He’ has never condemned because as I posted last time, ‘He’ is an ‘It,’ not a ‘He’—a neutral power like gravity or electricity, but greater and all encompassing. The gravity is not responsible when a building collapses. The gravity does not keep score, judge, punish, nor reward, it is just there, a force we can use or misuse.  When a building collapses it’s probably because we misused the gravity—bad design, construction, etc. So it is with God.


People dislike this view of ‘God’ because it makes them responsible for what happens in their lives. It’s very stark, very clear—there’s no one or no thing to blame, just ourselves. Much easier to be the innocent victims of a nasty, vengeanful God—I mean, after all, I’m just doing the best I can, right; shit happens! Aren’t there “Acts of God” in all our insurance policies?


Bull shit! There’s no one and no thing to blame but ourselves! But hey, why blame at all? Why not just finally learn how the world works and take responsibility for doing things differently, for using the power correctly? It’s a little difficult at first, growing up always is, but my, what a difference, what a positive difference being responsible and in-charge makes in our experience of living!

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