Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dogs Hear More, Cats See More

There is so much more than we can comprehend. We are designed to be narrow, to function in a limited zone of comfort. But there is clearly much more. Dogs hear more than we do, cats see more. What understanding we have is gleaned through our physical and cultural experience, which is but a fraction of all that is.


Our scientists, religions and great teachers have barely touched the hem of Its garment. We will always, always have this longing to know God. Our teachings are helpful, but they are not the thing Itself. Learning is a pathway to illumination. But it is only when we become still and quiet, and let our everyday minds go, getting our bloated nothingness out of the way, that we know and can embody a greater portion of the Divine that dwells within us. Experiencing a personal communion with God, even in what we take to be difficult times such as these, is our purpose - what the Covenant is all about.

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