Friday, November 30, 2012

What's the meaning of that?

When the words and thoughts come howling and roaring into your head, beware!


Think, reflect, consider before you act, consider even before you entertain those thoughts and words, think about them. The words, thoughts and ideas in your head are probably not even yours. They probably belonged to your mother or father, your holy person, your political party, your cultural traditions, and were handed down to you as they were handed down to the people who handed them down to you. But while the words and thoughts are in your head, you’re responsible for them! Will you hand them down, unexamined, or will you think, reflect, consider before you act?


Partial meanings, expectations and outcomes are in the words and traditions themselves. But these are only partial meanings. You complete them, you fill in the rest, you add your meanings. You can pass on and act on the partial meanings reflexively, without thinking, or you can take responsibility for what comes next. The words, thoughts and ideas may not have originated with you, probably didn’t, but while they’re in your head, you’re responsible for them.


Please, please, take that responsibility seriously. Look at it as a gift, an opportunity to see things differently, to think about thinking; go deep connect with your spiritual wisdom at share it.  The Course says the ego speaks first and is always wrong. So, when the words and thoughts come roaring and howling into your head, beware, pause, take a deep breath and think about what you’re thinking and the kind of world and experiences you really want.

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