Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Vision for the New Year and Beyond, Part 2

No more ‘trickle down,’ no more ‘survival of the fittest,’ no more ‘winner take all,’ no more ‘good guys and bad guys’—only guys and gals doing their best, making mistakes and learning to do better, no more, ‘silent majority’ or ‘99% and 1%’, no more heaven and hell, sinners and saints, and no more religious and other justifications for discriminating against human beings, no more ‘white trash’ or even the idea that human beings are disposable and can even be trash, no more ‘if you want to make and omelet you’ve got to break some eggs—none of that, only win/win, cooperation, compassion, inclusiveness and community, honest and sincere gratitude, fearlessness and equal opportunity.


Do we really need the so-called ‘criminal justice system’ to work the way it does, so many lawyers, so many people in jail, so much punishment and so little rehabilitation, so much inequality, rich guys and big corporations getting away with god knows what and you and me going to jail for wising off to a cop?


And the ‘educational system,’ how’s that working for you? Happy with the quality of our schools and colleges? Think we’re getting value for the dollar, especially in college? Does the best medical system in the world (not) really need to be so expensive? Must we really have the biggest, best most expensive military in the world? If we’re so great and strong militarily, how come we’re still fucking around in Afghanistan and worrying about Iran?


Seems like we’re not getting much value for what we’re paying. The list of so-called ‘systems’ that aren’t systems and aren’t working is the same as the list of ‘systems’ we rely on. We’ve patched them, bandaged them, and covered gaping wounds with band aids. All of these ‘systems’ are barely functioning and are being held together with bubble gum and duct tape. It’s only a matter of time….


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