Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Forgiveness Works

Forgiveness shows me that I am aware of the contrast and have chosen spirit instead of ego. Forgiveness says ‘no harm, no foul,’ it says since I am aware of mySelf, and mySelf is spirit, I know I’m only dreaming that I’m an ego that can be hurt or damaged, but in fact that is not so. Nothing has or ever can happen to mySelf so there is nothing to forgive. But often you and I forgot ourSelves, think something has happened and have done something that caused harm. We take things too seriously. My forgiveness says ‘no, mySelf is fine, nothing has happened’ and allows you to also see that mySelf is unharmed and wake from the ego’s nightmare, to choose again and become aware of yourSelf.


Forgiveness corrects the belief in separation and shows that the separation never happened. Forgiveness is unlearning the ego’s lessons. It is using the world as a classroom to learn that the world is an illusion. Forgiveness is a way of taking things less seriously here. Forgiveness is another illusion in an illusory world. But, unlike other illusions, forgiveness’ purpose is to lead me away from the decision for the ego and not deeper into it. Unlike the things of the world that keep us believing in what the ego made up, forgiveness leads me beyond itself to what spirit made.


Forgiveness helps me bridge the gap between where I think I am—here with ego, and where I really am—asleep with God, dreaming I’m here. The ego tells me that in spirit’s presence, myself will be annihilated. That’s true as far as it goes, but the whole truth is in spirit’s presence, the fearsome illusion the ego has made of myself, would gently melt back into mySelf. It warms and encourages me to think about my at-one-ment with spirit that way—gently melting back….


But my fear of annihilation keeps me from letting go. I need little steps, happy dreams, that will heal my misperceptions. Forgiveness--constantly forgiving myself and others, is first among the little steps and is ongoing. As I forgive and experience the peace and compassion and joy that comes from that, I am able to gradually, with each experience, step by step, transcend the ego’s fear of annihilation and move closer to mySelf.

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