Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inside Out

It’s not what you pray for, it’s where you pray from. It’s not what you work towards, wish for or dream of that holds the power. It’s who and what you identify with and think you are as you pray, work, wish and dream, that holds the power. “Of myself I can do nothing,” the famous rabbi said. “It is my father who doeth the work.”


It’s inside-out. When I identify with myself instead of mySelf, I can work hard, struggle and do everything right and still not get the results I seek. But when I identify with mySelf, instead of myself, I can be free of struggle and hard work, do almost nothing and have the results fall into my life like a ripe fruit falling from a tree.


It’s inside-out. It’s inside-out first. It’s not like it’s either inside or outside. It’s both inside and outside. Results can be achieved either way, but inside out first gets the most accomplished with the least amount of effort. Inside out first is the most effective and efficient way to be. It’s about being a human being, instead of a human doing.


It’s accepting my oneness with the Source of all, in all and through all – including myself as mySelf, and allowing It to flow through me. It’s about removing the blocks to this flow; about getting my bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits. It’s about intuition, gut, hope, wishes dreams and passion - the inside stuff - first, then rationality, analysis, planning, structure and organization for support. It’s inside-out first. Not either inside or outside, but both inside and outside.

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